Divine Order From The Bottom Up: Titles In The Church

Jesus taught us many things about His Church. Notice I said His Church. There is a fundamental difference between His Church and the church. A Fresh Wind is blowing and those who are not firmly planted on The Rock Will Be Blown Away ( Psalm 1:4) . This Wind is blowing in with Divine Order From The Bottom Up . Matthew 5, The Beatudes describes those who are chosen to inherit the Promises of I Am Amen and His Kingdom. They are “the poor in spirit”, “those who mourn”, those who need to be “comforted”, “the meek”, “those who hunger and thirst for righteousness”, “the merciful”, “the pure in heart”, “the peace makers”, “those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake”, who are “reviled” are spoken “evil” of and “falsely” accused because of Jesus. But, todays’ title holders in the Church, the “pastor”, the “reverend”, those who blindly seek after spiritual fathers condemn themselves because The Word says: “Do not call anyone on earth your father”, for as one translation says; ” you travel land and sea to win one proselyte and when he is won, you make him twice the son of hell as yourselves” Matthew 23.

He Who Is Alfa and Omega says this to you by His servant: you pastors, shabluwl (shab-lool) in the Hebrew, snail, as if floating in its own slime, will continue to be a shobel (Hebrew for, a ladies train) trailing after your first ladies until you openly repent. Where did the tradition of first lady start? It is divisive as it sets the pastors’ wife above other sisters in Christ? Go back to Matthew 23:8 and see what The Word Of The Lord says concerning titles: Do not allow yourselves to be called Teachers because we are all brothers”. In other Word since Our Lord is no respecter of men ( Acts10:34, Romans 2:11) abandon the titles and replace them with a servants attribute; servant or minister, with a little m. As for reverend, it is an Holy Attribute of Jesus Christ and is even more critical than the other titles (Psalm111:9) not to be used. Reverend is used as a title of respect by modern “clergy” . Although all un-Biblical titles are prideful ” Reverend” is blasphemous as it is impious against God. Reverend literally means ” to be afraid, stand in awe”. The word implies preeminence , beyond and above . The word Reverend is an Old English term expressed in degrees, for example Right, Very, Most Reverend. Stay Blessed Stay in The Word…

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